Annie, Beau, Rex and Ace

About This Litter

In April 2020, Tanhill Jo and Ben had a litter of 5. We kept 4 Puppies from this litter; Beau, Rex, Ace and Annie. Their brother Jake moved to Finland.

These puppies are all very talented and we are excited to see what the future will hold for them!

Photos left are of their dam Tanhill Jo and their sire Ben.


Breeder:  L. Gast, Scalpsie
Dam:  Tanhill Jo
Sire:  Ben


Dna Testing: CEA carrier, Brown carrier

Hips and Elbows:


Dna Testing: CEA clear, Brown carrier

Hips and Elbows:

Ace is currently in training with Mr Paul Johnson.


Dna Testing: CEA Carrier

Hips and Elbows:


Dna Testing: CEA clear, TNS carrier

Hips and Elbows: