Avon Ruby

About Ruby

Ruby is a red and white smooth coated bitch, bred by Anthony Warmington, Warwickshire.

Ruby has had four litters, one by Jorunn Mitchell’s dog, Lyng, one by our Ben and two Litters to Emma Grays Reiver Gray.


Date of birth:  8 August 2016
ISDS:  00/346587

Breeder:  A.R.P. Warmington
Dam:  Bryn Pica Jody 00/327075 (A.R.P. Warmington)
Sire:  Rooten Brook Moss 00/333406 (A.R.P. Warmington)

Clear for all other tests by Orivet panel.
Hips:  6:3 (B)

Ruby has Puppys available to Reiver Grey!

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