Privacy Policy

Is any personal information going to be collected via the site, how and where is it to be stored, and for how long?

The contact form will collect your name and email address. We will only use this in correspondence with you. The website will use a contact form plugin to manage contact submissions. This information is sent as emails that we can access. The emails are on password protected devices.

Information is not kept for any particular length of time in case it is needed for future reference. If you would like your information to be removed, please contact us. Any information will be removed when there are concerned about your privacy.

Are cookies used on this website? If so, what information will be collected and why?

Cookies are not used on this website.

Will IP addresses and or any other data be collected, and if so why?

IP addresses are not collected on this website.

Will any automated systems be used to process any data, if so which, why and how will the information be used, e.g. decision-making or profiling?


How will my booking information be handled?

We comply with AirBnB’s Privacy Policy for handling your data.